Maddie Mills-identity

Maddie Mills, a person very dear to me, interviewed in Nice Old Town over the best cocktails e-v-e-r.

Tell me about yourself

"Uhh well I live in Oxford and I really like art, especially painting"

Why do you like art?

"Because its free and there are't mant boundaries. I like using colour and..."

Thats why I liked those paintings today because they were so colourful

"Yeah. I also really like appreciating art and finding out about new artists. I really enjoyed art GCSE so I am hoping to do art next year. What else? I quite like music, I wouldn't say its a massive part of my identity but I do like listening to it"

Is there an artist you listen to often and would like others to know about?

"I'm really liking EverythingEverything at the moment, I saw them at a festival last week and they were really good, their songs are really cool"

How does the place you are currently in make you feel?

"It makes me feel chilled out and relaxed, well at the moment I am chilled out and relaxed. I've had mixed feelings, I've felt a bit stressed at times but right now the vibe I am getting from Nice is relaxed"

Do you have an object you feel symbolises you?

I don't have a camera but I think a camera or my phone camera symbolises me . I like seeing things and making memories of people. I like seeing and capturing moments"

Talking about your phone, I really like your instagram, it is one of my favourites, I know you really like Insta so why do you use it?

"For me its so different form other social media, its much more creative and personal. I find taking and editing pictures so satisfying"

(slight pause as we spot a hot guy)

Tell me something you are interested in

" I am interested in being a doctor and medicine, specifically mental health as it is really important and we don't talk about it much, especially mental health in boys and adolescents"

What has influenced your identity?

"A lot to do with school, sadly, and a lot to do with my parents, sadly-well maybe in a good way! I went to an all girls school in Oxford so I found that everyone was quite similar, very academic and could  be bitchy. But I enjoyed it. I think that, I've got really nice friends, but their views and personalities are maybe quite critical of things. However, going to an all girls school has made me much more confident and have a more feminist outlook"

I definitely see more confidence in you than me, you'll approach anyone!


A lesson that you have learned?

"Over the past sixth months, I have been off school and I have learned to take things as they come and to look after myself. There is so much more life outside school, putting yourself first is so important. I also think that life is so long that, if I am one year behind at school, that's not significant, there is time for everything"

How do you feel about being you?

"I have mixed feelings. There are lots of parts of me that I don't like. I wish I was more lots of things but I appreciate parts of what I've got"

When and where do you feel most you?

"I think there are different me's. When I am with my family I feel most me, having a meal or chatting with my parents, I feel most relaxed and calm. I can be myself and there is no pressure"

A memory you look back on fondly?

"I don't know, the past few weeks have been really nice for me. Quite recent but I really enjoyed going to Truck [festival] with a friend and Nice with another friend, its been really calm. I've loved this weather and the heat. Uhh, yeah Nice I think"

Maddie's instagram can be found here-it's so cool.
Thanks to Maddie for a lovely few days holiday and opening up over cocktails.


After gathering inspiration from various different 'zines and deciding to finally channel my inner journalist-dreams (I think?), I came upon the idea of a series such as this.
An online collection of raw and real answers from people I find inspiring/interesting.
It will (hopefully) be based upon a myriad of themes, a different 'interview' for a different theme; identity, inspiration, fears, challenges, body image etc.
This blog will be in conjunction with my other (KatieLou) but the organisation-craving me wanted it all to be housed in a separate place.
Expect vulnerability and truth washed down with a bit of light heartedness and (fingers crossed) some relatable anecdotal writing.
Who knows where this will evolve but any suggestions for themes etc would be greatly appreciated